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Home page E-Twinning

Home page e twinning

 Progetto a.s. 2020-2021

Jobs and nature: aspects of our territorial identity.

Immagine Progetto a.s. 2021 2022The project aims at creating a kind of identity card (or identikit) of one’s own territory, particularly focusing on the naturalistic aspects (green trails and areas), the botanical aspects (typical trees and plants) and any other feature related to the jobs and crafts that enliven the roads, squares and cultivated areas in and around our small villages.
Through the online activities, children and teenagers of different nationalities will have an opportunity to discover and re-discover the local resources and peculiarities of the various countries they belong to.



Our eTwinning School Label (Il nostro certificato di Scuola eTwinning) a. s. 2020-2021

il nostro certificato di Scuola eTwinning

Progetto a.s. 2019-2020

Jobs in the Present, Past and Future in our small rural places.

E Twinning 2019 2020

The project is very simple, it can be linked into a bigger project of our school. All it requires is the willingness, curiosity and collaboration of teachers. However, the project can be adapted to suit different situations and different types of school.
Each teacher will use the most suitable technological tool(s) for them and their planned activities.
The aims are to enhance knowledge and capacity of our students in foreign languages (English and French), and to strengthen the link with our heritage.


  Progetto a.s. 2017- 2018Progetto a.s 2017 2018

Progetto e-Twinning 2017-18

Progetto e Twinning 2017 18

Progetto a.s 2016-2017

Progetto a.s 2016 2017

Secondo Progetto a.s 2015-2016

Secondo progetto a.s 2015 2016

Primo Progetto E-Twinning a.s 2015-2016

Primo progetto eTwinning a.s 2015 2016






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